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    A little  bit of help please?


      My father recently bought me my first Notebook, an ASUS X553MA, with built in Intel HD 4400 GPU, on WEI it told me the Notebook was 4.1 on WEI, and with experience from my older desktop it ment it was better than recommend for NFS Shift 2 Unleashed at 4.0, but and one MASSIVE but, the game is laggy, I've tried lowering the resolution from 1366x800 fullscreen to 1280x600 windowed amongst other things, but it's improved it only to 60%. I know that desktops are more powerful but not in this case, my desktop regestered at 3.8. Can anyone help, all I need is the res to stay the same and visuals to be good and slightly smooth, what I want most is the racing to be flawless, as I can barley see what I'm doing no joke, please anyone help?