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    Windows 10 Difficulties


      I have Windows 10, with my operating system loaded on four (4) disks configured in a RAID 1/0.


      Intel Matrix Storage Manager option ROM v8.0.0.1038 ICH10R

      Intel Rapid Storage Technology


      I want to create a second RAID 1 using two 3TB disks (installed and correctly configured in Windows 10), but the RST is not giving me the "create" option.  When I try to create it during the bootup configuration the utility only sees the 3TB disks as 746.5 GB and has the "select disks" option grayed out.


      => I tried upgrading the RST to 14.5, but after I did I received an "unrecognized boot device" error when I rebooted, so I needed to restore to an earlier restore point.


      The computer is basically working fine now after the system restore, though I can't create the second raid.  I suppose i can simply put my files on the first spare drive and backup to the second...but fixing it correctly would be nice.


      Can anyone tell me what I need to do to get this fully updated / upgraded correctly?


      Do I need to include more information?  If so, what?