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    D54250WYKH & Samsung 850 EVO


      Hi Guys,

      I bought the following product: Samsung EVO 500GB 2.5inch SATA SSD for my NUC.

      I connected everything needed, but the BIOS is not recognizing it. I had the version number 40 for this BIOS.

      I tried to downgrade the BIOS to 21 and then re-upgrade as suggested on one of the posts here: I turned the NUC off, removed the BIOS jumper, downloaded the firmware but when I'm trying to flash the older firmware, I get an error: Sample Application ERROR FwUpdateFullBuffer.

      Worth to notice that I tried to upgrade to version 41, the upgrade went smoothly. Just downgrading doesn't work.

      UPDATE: I managed to downgrade to BIOS 21, the NUC still doesn't recognize the SSD.


      Any suggestions?