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    XTU Win 7 BSOD


      Intel XTU has caused my computer to BSOD on two separate occasions. The first attempt resulted, as far as I can tell, in bricking my boot drive (Intel X25-E 32GB) so I did complete reinstall to an Intel 535 240GB. In both cases I had updated Windows and installed all drivers and software such as Intel RST ( and GPU suite ( without encountering any issues. Finally I installed and ran XTU, and after a delay the utility failed with the error that another tuning utility was running. I tried to restart, which after several minutes resulted in the BSOD.


      After the first failure, Windows booted once or twice but behaved strangely, and eventually failed to boot with an error about the boot drive. After the boot failure I booted to Linux on USB. The drive was somewhat functional, intermittently passing SMART tests via Linux smartctl, though the SMART error log contained ~150 errors. Unfortunately the drive now reports as 8MB capacity with Serial Number BAD_CTX and "lacks SMART capability" so I can't provide any more detail. In the case of the second failure, I believe the error indicated on the BSOD screen was DRIVER_POWER_STATE_FAILURE. I think the error was the same the first time but I'm not sure. Thankfully, the second drive doesn't seem to have been harmed.


      I tried analyzing the .dmp files with dumpchk, but the report was mostly kernel symbol errors. Maybe because it was run on a different machine? Anyway, the minidump is attached, along with the contents of the error message after reboot and some related errors from the Event Log.


      My system is a Supermicro C7Z170-SQ motherboard (H/W 1.01A, BIOS 1.0a 08/27/2015) with an i5-6600k and two sets of G.Skill TridentZ F4-300C15D-16GTZB. Aside from the respective boot drives, I also had a WD800JD-22LSA1 attached in both cases. I only mention it because I noticed it doesn't support NCQ so it may be lacking some other feature relevant to the failure. I haven't done any overclocking yet (CPU or RAM). I ran Linux CPU stress utility stress on all four cores for 30 minutes without issue, and four passes of MemTest86 6.2.0 completed without error.