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    NUC5i5RYK lost HDMI OUT


      I have had NUC5i5RYK for about 2 months.  Running windows7.  On several occasions on start up I would have no HDMI out.  A restart of the computer and all would work.  Today, nothing will result in any HDMI output.  I downloaded drivers again and reinstalled but still nothing on hdmi.  Any suggestions on what else I might try.  Thanks.


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          This happen to me also on the NUC5i7 version but it was with Windows 10 Pro.  Disconnect and Reboot brought it back(nothing else did).


          I have since removed Win10 as it did something that did not seem normal(to be fair I think its the OS not the NUC), like desktop background would disappear and the only way to bring it back was restart explorer.  Also I was still getting output from the Displayport as I have dual monitors.  It has not happened on the Windows7 64bit install.

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            Thanks for the reply.  Since I've got it working on my other nuc with the
            same windows 7.  I'm thinking it might be this NUC.  I have also rebooted
            as will as reloaded the drivers.  I am going to do a complete w7 install
            tomorrow but thats a pita It takes me about two days to get all Win updates
            and the other OS system stuff going.  I really don't run but a hand full of
            programs so that only takes me about a day. Thanks again  roger

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              Clone the drive or move the drive over and see if that works.

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                Hi flrockytop,


                You are getting random issues with the video at startup. Please give me more information about the problem and your system configuration. Are you using dual display? Let me know the current BIOS version, chipset and Management Engine drivers. Do you have straight video cables?


                Mike C

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                  I am using dual display.  HDMI was primary. and a usb second.  When hdmi went out switched to display port primary going to dvi adapter. Straight cable to hdmi.   Bios rybdwi35.86A.0350.2015.0812.1722 .  Not sure what Management Engine drivers are or where to find the answer to that one.  Thanks  roger

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                    Did a Clinton wipe of hard drive and fresh W7 install.  I now have HDMI but lost by USB display.  I installed display link and it looked like all went well.  Plugged in the usb display and nothing.  I get popup that says somthing like my driver is newer and to check for update of display link.  I have the latest.  This was working before I started messing around with the hdmi.  I loaded the latest Intel HDGraphics driver and that when I lost the usb display.  On my other NUC I have HD Graphics 3/16/2015  driver.  The USB display works on that machine.  Where can I get.  that old driver?  I looked on the nuc download page and found one 6/29/2015.  But nothing going back to March.  The 6/29 one also did not work. 


                    thanks Roger

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                      Cesar Badilla

                      Hello flrockytop,


                      It is recommended to use straight connections with high quality cables to ensure best performance. The use of kvm switches,  usb display adapters,  and VGA/DVI/HDMI Adapters is possible, however, we could not guarantee its functionality on all the cases.


                      You could try cloning the  Operating System image  as c0op3r suggested. Additionally, you could check the Graphics driver installed on the other NUC you mentioned was working fine and downgrade your current one to that version.



                      Caesar B_Intel.