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    Intel HD 530 tearing problem



      I have i5 6400T CPU with an integrated Intel HD 530. I am using Windows 7 Home Premium x64 operating system with latest graphic drivers, version There is a very noticeable tearing when playing video online, in the browser, e.g. on YouTube. ( tearing test @29.97 fps (1080p) - YouTube )


      If I set Vertical synchronization (VSync) in graphic drivers option to "On", it has no effect.


      I found out that if you use Aero in Windows, there will be no tearing, because it will enable "Desktop Window Manager" which utilize methods to prevent it. I can remove tearing in media player with its own VSync, but obviously no such option exist in an internet browser.


      I find this very limiting, as I do not want to be forced into using Aero. On my previous system I had the same non-Aero theme with an integrated AMD GPU and there was no tearing, so it would seem it is a driver issue.


      Is it possible this will be fixed in the next driver update?


      Thank you.

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