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    System locks up after Matrix Storage Manager Upgrade to


      I have a Windows XP Media Center Edition PC that is 3 years old.  I am running a matrix RAID config with three WD 500GB RE2 drives.  I have a 30GB RAID-0 partition and a 907GB RAID-5 partition.  I had been running Matrix Storage Manager v6.?.?.???? (the original version that was installed when I purchased the PC) without incident.  I (unfortunately) just upgraded a few days ago to Intel Matrix Storage Manager v8.9.0.1023.  In the last two days, I have had three complete system lockups during periods of high I/O (I do LOTS and LOTS of disk I/O due to my job).  This required me to force power off the PC and reboot.  During the reboot, Windows checks for file integrity and then the Matrix Storage Manager does its thing checking for RAID-5 integrity (this takes around 3 hours).


      Does anybody know how I can get back to the old version that I was running that worked fine?  Can I just to into DEVICE MANAGER and go to the RAID ICH7R/DH SATA RAID CONTROLLER entry, select PROPERTIES, DRIVER tab and then choose ROLL BACK DRIVER?  I need to get this PC fixed ASAP!  I can't do my job!  HELP PLEASE!!  THANKS!


      PS: I have a 975x express chipset with an Intel(R) 82801GH I/O controller hub (ICH7DH) SATA  Controller.


      I just want the old drivers back!!!!!