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    Mini dataport from latitude E6440 in e-port replicator plus II to P2415Q monitor ...


      Frustrated that displays have stopped working.

      I have Latitude E6440, e-port plus II and two Dell monitors: Dell P2415Q and Dell S2340T.

      Both monitors were working, P2415Q connected from replicator Video 1 DataPort to Mini DataPort and the S2340T connected from replicator Video 2 DataPort to DataPort, but for no apparent reason the P2415Q has stopped working with DataPort to Mini DataPort or DataPort to DataPort In.


      I can get P2415Q to work directly with the Latitude e6440 from HDMI to HDMI, but the replicator doesn't have HDMI.


      Why did it stop working! Aaaarghhghh!! Help!