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    Screen will not wake up after sleep/suspend


      My NUC5i5RYH is connected to a Benq 27" QHD monitor GW2765 via mini DP - DP cable. Running W10.


      Issue: When waking up a black screen from sleep within relatively short time after going into sleep mode (5-10 minutes), there are mostly no problem. When longer time one of two things happen, 1) either the screen shows up as desktop and icons but without the windows, or 2) the screen is completely black.


      I am - most of the times - able to solve issue 1) simply by pressing the on/off button on the monitor, first off and then on. Sometimes I need to unplug the DP cable for the NUC and re-insert


      Issue 2) requires that I physically removes the power cable from the monitor, waits until the led light has gone out completely, and then re-inserts the power cable.


      Have tried to ask Benq support, and they do not know this issue, but has offered to bring the screen to their lab under warranty. However, I suspect this is an issue with the NUC's port, so sending it to Benq will probably not solve anything (my colleage with the exact same NUC and exact same monitor has the exact same problem)


      Anyone's got an idea how to solve this? Due to the amount of unplugging and plugging (20-30 times a day) I am fearing that over time the ports will be destroyed or eventually some voltage issue might occur and damage either the NUC or the monitor.

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          Hello mlun58:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel® Communities.


          This is a known situation with Display Port.


          Not being able to wake from sleep while using Display Port has been an issue for a while now.


          Have you tried using a different interfase in the NUC to connect your monitor (Mini-HDMI 1.4a)?


          Also, you could check this thread that has the same theme.

          NUC5i7RYH Displays not correctly resuming from sleep



          Esteban C

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            I have struggled for a while earlier to get HDMI to work: Bought different cables, tried other graphics drivers, upgraded BIOS etc., only to give up using HDMI. Seems to be due to Intels use of an ancient 1.4a HDMI technology. DP seems to be the least crippled way to get a display of of your alpha product, so guess I have to live with it as it is.

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              I tend to think that it's the monitor problem, not NUC itself. I have 5i3RYH (i.e. of the same generation of NUCs) model on my own and it works with the display connected via DP quite correctly

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                Hello mlun58:


                Would you please advise me with the issue you are having with HDMI? The first thread mentioned DP only.



                Esteban C

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                  Hello Esteban C,


                  I am also having a problem with the HDMI connection not waking the monitor after a long off period, usually overnight.

                  My monitor is Acer T232HL using HDMI cable direct from NUC5i7RYH.  Waking the monitor works fine after short periods of being off (1-2 hours), however, after long periods (8-10 hours) the monitor will not wake.  The only way I have figured out to get the NUC working with the monitor is to hold the NUC power button until the computer shuts down and then reboot.

                  I have the NUC setup to shutdown the monitor after 5 minutes and to never go to sleep.



                  Bill T


                  Edit: I have restored my system to Win 8.1 and no longer have this problem with the HDMI connection.  Must be an issue with Win 10.

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                    Hello, crunch514:


                    Thank you for that additional information about the OS.


                    Let me perform some tests with Windows 8.1*.


                    Also, in order to perform the most accurate tests, please provide me with your system configuration:


                    Access this link and follow the instructions, Intel® System Identification Utility


                    I look forward to hearing from you.



                    Esteban C

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                      Hello, Esteban C:


                      The system Reference Number for my system is: 0337 2918.


                      Hope this helps in your testing.


                      Let me know if more is needed about my system.


                      Bill T

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                        Hello, crunch514:


                        Thank you for the information provided.


                        I would like to request the file that you can download for this report, just to make sure I have all the information on it.


                        Here is where you can save the file:

                        siu save.png


                        Esteban C

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                          Esteban C,

                          Intel System Identification Utility Reference Number: 0337 5912
                          Date Created: Thursday, January 7, 2016 11:26:02 AM

                          SYSTEM INFORMATION
                          Computer ManufacturerIntel Corporation
                          Computer ModelNUC5i7RYB
                          Operating System (O/S)Microsoft Windows 8.1 Professional Edition (build 9600), 64-bit
                          Operating System Build (O/S)9600
                          Operating System (version)6.3.9600
                          O/S Language0409
                          System RAM16 GB
                          .NET Framework Version
                          CD or DVD Device
                          System Hard Drive Overview
                          System Total Storage Size:697.6 GB
                          Local Disk D:\465.6 GB
                          Used space:558.2 MB
                          Free Space:465.1 GB
                          Local Disk C:\231.9 GB
                          Used space:55.3 GB
                          Free Space:176.6 GB
                          Memory Detail
                          Total Physical Memory16 GB
                          Available Physical Memory12.7 GB
                          Total Virtual Memory2.0 GB
                          Physical Drive0
                          Bus TypeSATA
                          Physical Drive1
                          ModelSamsung SSD 850 EVO M.2 250GB
                          Bus TypeSATA
                          Internet Browser [101]Internet Explorer
                          Internet Browser Version [101]11.0.9600.18125



                          GRAPHICS INFORMATION
                          Graphics Product [1]Intel(R) Iris(TM) Graphics 6100
                          Graphics Driver Version20.19.15.4300
                          3D AccelerationYes
                          Hardware Transform & Lighting SupportYes
                          Video Memory3.9 GB
                          Vertex Shader Support5.0
                          Pixel Shader Support5.0
                          Microsoft DirectX* Version11.0
                          Current Graphics Resolution1920x1080
                          Current Color Depth32 Bits Per Pixel


                          MOTHERBOARD INFORMATION
                          Manufacturernot detected
                          AA NumberH73774-101
                          BIOS VendorIntel Corporation
                          BIOS VersionIntel Corporation RYBDWi35.86A.0352.2015.1130.1011
                          BIOS Release Date
                          System Memory16 GB
                          Sound CardRealtek High Definition Audio


                          PROCESSOR INFORMATION
                          ModelIntel(R) Core(TM) i7-5557U CPU @ 3.10GHz
                          Intel Processor analysis toolsIntel Processor analysis tools
                          CPU Speed3.1 GHz
                          Link to Processor SpecificationLink to Processor Specification
                          CPU Revision
                          CPU Type00
                          CPU Family06
                          CPU Model3D
                          CPU Stepping4


                          WIRED NETWORKING INFORMATION
                          Wired Networking ProductIntel(R) Ethernet Connection (3) I218-V
                          Driver Version12.13.17.7
                          Hardware IDsPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_15A3&SUBSYS_20578086&REV_03


                          Wireless Networking ProductIntel(R) Dual Band Wireless-AC 7265
                          Driver Version17.16.0.4
                          Hardware IDsPCI\VEN_8086&DEV_095A&SUBSYS_90108086&REV_59






                          Edit 2/28/16:  I have returned to Win10 and now have to turn monitor off when not using the computer as a work-around to this problem.

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                            Thank you for the information provided.


                            Let me do my test on my end.


                            I will be providing you with my outcome.



                            Esteban C