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    Does win10 have the drivers to support an intel 750 2.5" NVMe ssd drive during first boot of a new PC build so you can actually install the OS onto the drive?




      Just in the middle of a new build using an ASUS Maximus VIII Hero Alpha board that has 2 u.2 connectors on board. I have an 800GB 2.5" drive which I will utilise IN NVMe mode but I would like to know what to expect at first boot. I am assuming the UEFI vs3.x BIOS will recognise the drive but when I come to install windows 10 do I have to manually add NVMe drivers during the install like you used to have to do with some SCSI drives or does windows 10 have all the drivers it needs to use the Intel 750 drive as the install drive and I simply download the Intel SSD toolbox once win10 has installed to update drivers and firmware? Do I need to do a secure erase on the SSD drive before installing windows 10 if so how do I do that? If anyone can point me to a suitable intel guide I am happy to read but most of the guidance I have seen seems to be around maintenance once windows 10 has been successfully installed