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    Intel HD + HDMI to Sony TV.


      I was able to configure the ITC Processing or "Content type reported to display" on my HTPC when using an ATI card.


      Now with a new PC using intel graphics 4400 it is showing a washed out picture compared to the ATI card. I remembered the ATI had the same issue as it was talking to the TV as a PC.

      When you change the content type reported to the display setting on Nvidia card it doesn't tell the TV it is a PC so you get all the enhancements the TV can offer.


      I have the latest (Nov 2015) intel HD drivers but I can't see where or if Intel make this setting available?


      Some sample links about people discussing the option - most reference is to Nvidia Or ATI that offer this option.



      Details of fix on Nvidia cards - i use this only as a reference - this is not advertising for Nvidia. HDCP Problems? | VGX-XLforum


      Lastly there is a post here on these very forums : Sandy Bridge vs. Sony TVs and others which is unfortunately still outstanding after 3 years.


      Any help much appreciated Intel.