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    Intel Ethernet Drivers Causing High DPC Latency




      I am currently running a z170 Asus Deluxe motherboard with an overclocked 6700k. I recently found that my Ethernet drivers are causing large spikes resulting in pops and clicks which is making it difficult for me to work as I am working in audio. From checking Latencymon, I have found that my adapters, I219-V and I211, are causing some problems with I211 causing the most. If disabled, everything works fine.  Some additional programs which routinely pop up as problem causes are NT Kernal & System, Direct X, Intel Rapid Storage, and Ndis.sys. I am unsure what the NT kernal & system program is. The driver number for my network connections is 20.2.4001.0. I am currently running on Windows 10, and to my knowledge of crosschecking intel's driver page and my device manager, everything should be up to date. Any help would be much appreciated so I may return to work!