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    Laptop monitor fades to white after flickering when watching videos, fades to white without flicker sometimes when powering down and booting up


      Hello everyone, I'm curious to what my problem is and how to fix it.  I have a Dell Vostro 1015 (about 5 years old now I've had it) with a 4500HD chipset (I believe).  I feel it's an issue with the graphics, either on the hardware or software level, I'm leaning towards software.  I started noticing the problem about a month ago, and it was just with one particular movie.  I thought the issue was with the film itself, seeing I had no problem with other videos.  As time progressed, this flickering into all white phenomenon became common place with just vids.  Then one night I cut the laptop off, cut it back on, and everything had faded to white without the flicker.  I had to cut the power again, and when I rebooted it it worked just fine.  Then I got to cutting the computer off again, and instead of me seeing the Windows 7 shutting down screen, everything faded to white again, even though my laptop continued it's normal functions.  Even when it happens during movies, I can still hear it play as if nothing happened, but the screen goes to white.  Then I tried to update the drivers for the Vostro laptop, and it faded to white again, meaning I had to manually shut it down again.  So I really don't know what's wrong, and if it's a software problem, I don't know how to fix it, seeing that everytime I go near restarting/rebooting it happens, so I can't complete the process of updating.  And insight would be appreciated.