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    Having problems with monitor sleep mode


      happy holidays all,


      I have a NUC5i7RYH with 2 x 8 Kingston 1600MHz DDR3L KVR16LS11/8, and Samsung SM951 256GB AHCI MZHPV256HDGL M.2 SSD.  I installed Windows 10.


      I'm having the same problem I see many other people have on this discussion board: when my monitor goes to sleep, it never wakes up.  And when I reboot, the monitor still is offline.


      The only solution I have found is to pull out the BIOS jumper, turn on the computer, hit '2' at the menu prompt, turn off the computer and restart.  This works, until the next time my old monitor (it came with a Dell Dimension 2400) goes to sleep.  I've turned off the sleep function in Windows, but I'd like a more permanent solution.


      Additionally, when I hit F7 in Virtual BIOS, it says, "Failed to retrieve product catalog."


      Any suggestions to solve the mystery of the sleeping screen would be appreciated.

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          Hello green.educator:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel® Communities.


          If you would like to perform a BIOS update, a file would be needed for this task, this file can be found here.

          Drivers & Software


          Regarding the display issue, are you experiencing the issue with different displays?

          -If doable, please test it with different monitors.

          -If you are using adapters, please try using a straight connection (Mini-DP 1.2 Mini-HDMI 1.4a to full size DP/HDMI).

          -Make sure you are using the latest graphics driver for your unit.

          -You could also test uninstalling the graphics driver and then let windows Install the default driver.

          -Test the system with different cables.



          Esteban C