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    Default Image and install new image


      Hi all,


      I am using the Edison for Arduino. The edison have a default linux system when I buy it.

      But I can't see any file on the "Edison disk", the disk is empty but when I open the console, a linux system is working..


      When I updated the image, I follow the sparkfun tutorial as below.

      Edison Getting Started Guide - learn.sparkfun.com

      I removed all file on the "Edison disk" and then copy and paste the new image file into it.


      I have 3 questions for it:

      1. Why I can't see any default linux system file on the "Edison disk" ?

      2. When I copy and paste the new image file into the "Edison disk", should I "reboot" the edison so as to enable the new image?

          But after I reboot it, the user name doesn't change...It is mean the update is fail?

      3. How to get the default linux system of edison? I found that the default linux system can work well on Wifi and BLE, but the image download from other side sometime doesn't work well.


      Many thanks