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    Just installed Intel driver update utility and was instructed to upgrade my graphic card. downloaded the G31/33 chipset driver as instructed but the installation failed again and again. Don't know what's causing it. Any help would be appreciated! I'm on a


      A bit more background. My Norton quick scan recently stops working properly. It hang up midway through the scan and wouldn't close. I searched for solution and one is to upgrade my video adapter driver. I did have some display problem so that sounded right. But when I tried to update the display adapter using Windows Device Manager, I got the message that the driver was up to date. Then I went to Intel's download center and but couldn't find any. "No update available" for the G31/G33 was what I got there. So then I downloaded the driver utility and it scanned, found my video card to be outdated and downloaded the new version. But the installation failed. I restarted the computer, the same thing. So here I am. Please help!