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    Completely unisntall chipset


      I have an Nvidia card and the Intel 5500 chip set.  I want to COMPLETELY uninstall the chip set and prevent windows 10 from reacquiring the driver.  I only want to use my Nvidia card.  Every time I uninstall the driver, when I reboot it's back.

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          Hello rob2e,


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          I'm sorry that it took me some time to come around to this post to try to help you.


          Where do you uninstall the driver from, from device manage or from control panel?


          You can follow the steps to uninstall the driver here:

          How to Manually Install a Driver in Microsoft Windows 7* for Graphics...

          From device manger you can disable it as well.


          You can also uninstall it from control panel if it is listed there.


          In this case, if you are using an Nvidia card and you have the monitor connected directly to the video card then the integrated graphics will not be active and you will be using only the graphics from Nvidia.