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    82801FR SATA + Windows 7 (success!)


      I've spent quite a bit of time getting my trusty ASUS P5DG1 PRO desktop (which comes with a 82801FR chip) to run with Windows 7 and I believe I have finally cracked it.  To save others from also wasting time, here's what I have found.


      First, some history.  This machine has three disks.  Two are configured in a RAID1 pair and the third is used as a backup for the other two.  This machine used to run Windows XP.  I found then that the only driver that works with WinXP is the  The driver (claims to be the latest available for the 82801FR chipset) gives a BSOD every so often.


      I upgraded to Windows 7.  The driver that installs with Windows 7 (8.6.xxxx ?) mostly works but would occasionally disconnect the third non-RAID disk or, worse, hang the whole machine thereby forcing a reboot.  Also, no Matrix Storage Console is installed so there is no notification of drive problems and no means of correcting them should they occur.


      I then tried the driver and was surprised to see that this installs on Windows 7.  However it gives the same occasional BSOD as happened under Windows XP.  I have now installed the driver and afaict this works fine.  All three drives appear to be behaving themselves and the Matrix Storage Console is installed.  Yaay!


      Moral of the story: use the driver for the 82801FR.