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    Can not make NUC5PPYH works with Samsung LCD TV


      Hi all,


      I have my own a new NUC5PPYH and tried to connect to SAMSUNG TV via HDMI.

      This nuc had already have windows 8.1 in it.(I install it via other LCD)

      It just boot to the Intel Nuc Logo with mention to F2,F7,F10.

      After that it did not load the OS anymore.If i connect NUC to other LCD and reboot it.It is ok.Then i can reattach HDMI to the SAMSUNG and it works too.


      The resolution i set on NUC is : 1280*720 and Fresh rate is 60Hz.

      I also change the Samsung aspect ratio to Fit Screen and 16:9 .

      The maximum resolution that Samsung support is 1366*768


      But no successful to boot the NUC with Samsung TV.


      Its so terrible.

      Please help.