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    Go from NUC5i3RYH to NUC5i7RYH




      I purchased NUC5i3RYH few days ago and I am a little disappointed. I equipped it with M.2 SSD, 8GB RAM, Windows 10 Pro and a 25" DELL Ultrasharp 2560*1440.


      It is a bit too loud .. I lowered fans to 1400 rpm but I suspect something is wrong because also in idle I can hear it.


      Using windows 10 is not as fast as I expected. Edge opens fast but Firefox for example takes up to 8 seconds to start. Also browsing around is not so smooth as I hoped.


      I am pretty sure that purchasing a NUC5i7RYH model (with a 6100 graphics chip onto) would help but


      The real question is: is it possible to detach M.2 SSD from i3 and mount it on i7 flawlessly ? What is your advice to migrate to the new NUC model without reinstalling ?


      Thanks in advance.

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          Hi FabRi,


          Fan noise/overheating is a common complaint of the i7 NUC. I think you would notice the i7 runs significantly hotter and louder than your i3. This is because the i7 is a hotter chip than i3 (28w vs 15w TDP) therefore the fan will need to work a lot harder.


          i7 NUC = Too Noisy & Hot?

          NUC5i7RYH temperature/fan noise



          Here is a relevant video demonstrating the cooling capabilities of the i7 NUC in action:


          Intel NUC cooling mod - YouTube

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            Hallo snowpine and thanks for reply.


            I understand that i7 would be worse .. so I think I will stay with my configuration.


            Do you know by any chance how to maximize my i3 graphic capabilities (Intel HD 5500) ? In BIOS I can't see any option to reserve MAX graphic memory.


            Thanks for help.

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              Thats the reason i choose i5 not i7....

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                Guys, any ideas how can I detach HDD from i3 and attach to i5 without reinstalling ?





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                  You should be able to just move your hard drive from i3 to i7 (I would 1st uninstall some of the drivers, like video), however you may need to re-active Windows 10 (and it may not work, if you used the free upgrade to Windows 10, unless you have a Windows 10 product key).


                  I have had my NUC i7 for five months, using it everyday and I can hear the fan when the load on the processor goes above 50%.  I like the size of NUC but I would not recommend it.  Even surfing some of the web pages with tons of stuff on it, brings NUC i7 to its knees.


                  I would return the i3 and wait for the 6th Gen NUC Skylake (at least two months away), or wait for Intel 5x5 motherboard.  

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                    Welcome to "the sea of disappointment" as one Community member has dubbed our little NUC owner's club.


                    For what it's worth, I returned my NUC i7 but have not yet successfully found a tiny-form-factor replacement that fits my needs. Maybe the technology I am looking for just doesn't exist yet; suggestions? For the time being I am simply using a cheap laptop, which while noticeably slower-performing than the NUC, does manage to run cool, quiet, and stable.

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                      The (6th Gen) Skylake NUCs with Core i3 are already shipping. The Core i5 version is supposed to ship by the end of the year. Note, however, that it will likely take two weeks longer for units to filter down through the distribution channels and get onto store shelves.


                      If you want a box this small, with this level of computing power, you pay the piper keeping it cool. I can't hear my NUCs except when I am running something intensive (of course, I am 58 and, while I supposedly have normal hearing for someone my age, it's certainly not going to be as good as you youngsters have). If yours is really loud, there might be something wrong with the cooling unit...



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                        Thank you for contacting the Intel® Communities.


                        Regarding transferring of your drive from one unit to another, that may lead to software like issues, as OS key related issues mentioned in previous answers.


                        My recommendation when changing to one computer to another will be performing a good and clean OS installation.


                        I really like using partitions in my builds, it helps with data-save and avoiding 3TB backups that last an important amount of time (no matter the system).


                        Regarding the cooling, lets remember the size of the unit, also where it is located, make sure the vents of the fan are not being covered by anything that may affectt he airflow.


                        Since this is a small form factor solution, the cooling may not be as in a full size computer, lets keep that in mind.


                        There are different "profiles" at BIOS level for the cooling solution, you could test them and which would help you better.



                        Esteban C

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                          For the records, I ended up replacing i3 with NUC5i5RYH and I am quote happy with it.


                          I did as suggested: uninstalled video drivers, detached components, reattached on new i5 NUC, started up new NUC .. everything worked as expected :-)


                          Thanks to all of you.

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                            I am glad to hear that you are happy with your new unit and everything is working fine.


                            If any further information is needed, feel free to contact the Intel® Communities again.



                            Esteban C