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    Problems Installing W7 Pro x64 on a NUC5CPYH using W7 USB 3.0 Creator Utility


      I am trying to install W7 Pro x 64 to run a program that will not run on W8 or W10.  I installed W7 from the disk, but the included USB 2.0 drivers would not work on the USB 3.0 ports on this NUC.  I created a bootable flash drive per instructions and downloaded and installed the Intel Windows 7 USB Creator Utility.  It appeared to install properly and even mentioned that it was installing the USB 3.0 drivers..  When I installed W7 again from the flash drive, apparently the USB 3.0 drivers that Utility said it had installed, never got installed with W7 and the keyboard and mouse plugged into the USB 3.0 ports were not recognized.  Any suggestions would be appreciated.