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    LACP capable dual port expresscard (win10)


      Target Os:Win10

      Target Hw:Dell M4800.


      I'm looking to get higher network throughput. I'm currently topping out @ ~120MB/S. with internal gigabit ethernet. 

      I have an LACP switch and Nas Server with 4GB ports aggregated. 


      So I'm looking wither for an  expresscard with 2 gbit ports I could run in team mode or possibly the internal port with and express card.



      However I can't find any exprescards with intel inside? I'd ideally like an expresscard with an i350.

      I would also consider an


      expresscard to external enclosure but I can't find any.


      USB3 to 10GBit/s, seems an unlikely product as you'd only get about half the bandwidth, but who knows.


      Any ideas are welcome.


      Unfortunately the labtop doesn't have a thunderbolt connector.