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    Booting from DC P3700 on older server



      I have an Intel SR2612URR server with a S5520UR board and a passive riser (along with the latest BIOS and BMC). Installed are two Xeon E5504 and 16 GB of registered memory.

      I purchased a DC P3700 SSD for it and installed Windows Server 2012R2 with the intention of booting from it. However, while the installation went fine (after disconnecting the other drives and enabling EFI optimized boot), the drive is not detected in the BIOS and the server won't boot from it. The only entries in the boot menu are network boot, the EFI shell, and Windows Boot Manager (which does not work when selected). I there any way to boot from the drive or any options for it to be recognized in the BIOS?



      Thank you for helping; it is an old server, but it will be a few more years before an upgrade and this will help speed it up!