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    BOXD54250WYK1 will not support 4k video.  What NUC will?


      I have the BOXD54250WYK1 NUC running Windows 10 (previously Win8) and it's been great.  For years now I have streamed h.264 and 1080 video across my cat 6e network from my NAS with no issues at all.  However, I've noticed that it is a little sluggish with h.265, and downright unwatchable with 4k video.  The 4k video plays, but is in slow motion and displaying visual flaws all over the place.


      Is there a NUC built for 4k?  I love my NUC.  Would love to stay with the line of products, but 4k is becoming more mainstream and I need my device to be able to play it.  Any talk about the NUCs and 4k is welcome by me.


      Thanks for your time.