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    DX58SO Won't Allow SATA III Boot Drive


      I've been attempting to upgrade my old, 2010-era DX58SO to accept a SATA III disk to be a boot drive for Windows 10.   I can get SATA III drives, both SSD and regular platter drives, to be viable disks for storing data, but Windows 10 would not install on the 1st SSD that I bought, sent it back and got a SATA III platter drive, and the same thing happened.  The Windows 10 install would stop and declare that the place I specified to install windows 10 was not acceptable (it was weeks ago, I don't remember the exact error message.)

      I read somewhere on the net, can't find it now, that some old SATA II disk controllers will not work 100% with new SATA III disks.  I therefore attempted to use an aux PCIe SATA III card to run the boot drive, but that is not possible either - the OS already has to be on the drive, presumably to load drivers for the card.


      Have been trying ever since.  I bought a new SSD locally, at Best Buy, and attempted to get it to install Windows 10.  It did.   I then attempted to start populating Windows 10 with my programs, and Windows 10 failed boot, said something about a memory error, and started checking my disk and executing a repair process.   Apparently it doesn't like the new SSD either, as I had all my other disks unplugged so it wasn't any of them.  In my mind, this reinforces the idea that some old SATA II disk controllers don't necessarily work 100% with new SATA III drives.


      The boot process for windows 10 now simply hangs, with a fast blinking cursor in the upper left of the display, and goes no further.  I think the SSD is fried.   Am taking it back to Best Buy for a refund.  



      The question is, has anyone else seen behavior like this, and were you able to resolve it?

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          Hello Rally2xs2,


          Thank you for joining the Intel communities.


          Please be aware that this motherboard does not support Windows 10, you can see the operating system compatibility list here:

          Supported Operating Systems for Boards and Kits


          For the SSD you could try a BIOS update to see if that can help you using the SSD , you can check for BIOS versions here:

          Drivers & Software


          And for BIOS update instructions at the following link:

          F7 BIOS Flash Update Instructions for Boards and Kits


          Please be aware that if the SSD supports SATA III they will work at SATA II because is what the motherboard supports





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            I've played around with old PCs, usually installing Linux because the hardware was too slow to run any version of Windows later than XP. If the person wanted to pay for an SSD, I'd install one, even though the motherboards on these old PCs often only support SATA I. I never had any problem in doing this. And the reason is that modern HDDs and SSDs all have controllers that negotiate a SATA III, II, or I connection depending upon the other party.


            Welcome to the ever-growing club of people screwed by W-10. It does not check for hardware that supports it, unlike all previous versions of Windows. I strongly suggest you move back to the version of Windows you had before W-10 arrived. You only have 30 days to revert or so I've read.

            Upgrade to Windows 10: FAQ - Windows Help

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              Hi Ivan,

              Thanks for this information.  It never occurred to me that a MOBO could not be upgraded, so I never checked.  My bad.   I will suspend further efforts along those lines, and see about getting an new ATX MOBO.  I see that, unfortunately, nobody's making them with LGA 1366 sockets, so I guess I get to buy a core i7 chip all over again, too, and, new memory for that matter.   Still, its cheaper than the original stuff 5 years ago.  Rumor is I get a faster PC with an upgrade like that, but I just wasn't expecting this sort of expense just to get Win 10.  Hey, I bet my laptop from 2011 prolly doesn't do Win 10 either.   Prolly won't try.  Funny, this PC had / has one of those little Win 10 upgrade windows pictorials in the taskbar which _supposedly_ says its OK for upgrade, but apprarently that doesn't mean squat.

              Again, thinks for the info.  I can now stop trying the impossible.

              Dave Head

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                "Funny, this PC had / has one of those little Win 10 upgrade windows pictorials in the taskbar which _supposedly_ says its OK for upgrade, but apprarently that doesn't mean squat."


                That is NOT what that means. Microsoft does absolutely no checking of the hardware, it just tries to install W-10 on every W-7 and W-8/8.1 system. Microsoft apparently does not understand the problem. You can search at Microsoft Answers for numerous threads on the subject. Most of my PCs have Sandy Bridge CPUs, the graphics of which are not supported under W-10, yet every time I log-off from outlook.com, Microsoft badgers me to install W-10.

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                  And besides, the rumor that you will get a faster PC by upgrading to Windows 10 is nothing but hype. Microsoft wants you to upgrade (especially from Windows 7) so that they can make money off their app store and so that they can track you better. They will say anything to get you to upgrade. I say take your Windows 7/8/8.1 system and clean up the hard disk, registry, etc. using a decent cleaner program and you will have a system that performs just as well -- and, if you want peak performance, take the time to reinstall your existing version of Windows from scratch (I do this at least once a year).



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                    I never thought of the app angle. Of course, it's all about money (tracking translates to money via ads). And I'd add to reinstall Windows on an SSD to really improve performance, but you knew that.

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                      I just want Win 10 'cuz eventually Win 7 will be "no longer supported" and then I'll have to scurry around and upgrade it on an emergency basis.  This way should be really orderly.  Gonna cost about $900 for new MOBO, CPU, 32 Gb of memory, etc.  Get much faster computer in the bargain, supposedly - new CPU is 6-core rather than 4, that might help.  Not particularly happy that this is all necessary 'cuz intel can't be bothered to write new drivers for Win 10, but I guess they all do that, and writing drivers prolly ain't anywhere close to cheap, and with all the hardware out there, its probably just a huge money sink.   Oh, well... I'll have a faster computer!!!