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    Windows 10 upgrade woes intel compute stick


      Hi I recently got a 32GB compute stick and decided to upgrade to windows ten naively i thought i could do that from the windows update. i was prompted that there was insuffucient space so inserted a 64GB micro sd and it seemed happy enough to continue.


      After a few hours the update seemed to be stuck at 20% i weighted a littel longer and thinking something was amiss, there were no signs of activity.


      i rebooted the stick.


      I found i was now stuck in that when booted normally the prompt would come up saying reinstalling preveious version of windows but even when left for several hours nothing appeared to be happening.


      so i trawled through the forums and found suggestions which i have followed over the las t several hours.


      Firstly i was advised to install the latest bios version so here i am bios 0031 installed


      next i created a uefi boot disk using the windwos recovery media creation tool to get a windows 10 32 bit iso  and rufus to create the disk.


      i found the options in the bios to boot to a shell and thought my toroubles over soon


      however.  the removable device is not found in 32 windows mode and i don't seem to have the necessary skill to make it appear in the shell.



      frustratingly it does appear fine in 64 bit mode and i am able to mount the device and run the releant boot.efi but am told it is a 32 bit program and won't run in a 64 bit shell.


      here in lies my problem is there something wrong in the way i have created by boot disc that means it is not compatible with the 32 bit shell ?  it is a 4gb memory card so am i out of address space ?


      or am i missing something simple?


      any questions or advice much appreciated.

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          Hi bigalmcd,


          I am afraid the operating system and recovery partition were erased from the compute stick. It will be necessary to request a replacement of it with our

          Contact Support


          Before replacing it, I suggest you the following; use a wire keyboard. Start the compute stick and keep tapping F8, it should show you the maintenance options, select reset or restore. Let see if it is possible to fix the issue.


          Intel recommends to upgrade the operating system using the steps below:

          Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions



          Mike C

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            Hi Mike,


            thanks for the advice.  Following your message I contacted support and raised a warranty service request.


            I received an email saying that my request had been updated and to go to


            to check the update.

            When i follow the link there is a sign in button in the top right but after i sign in i cannot find a link where i can get to my open service request.  i have the request number but there doesn't appear to be anywhere to put it to view the request.

            what do i do?

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              Hi bigalmcd,


              Our Customer support service is from Monday to Tuesday, Please wait until today in the afternoon; my partners will be assisting you. If you don’t receive a update, please contact us using the phone or chat support.




              Mike C

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                Thanks Mike I have now received a warranty return request and am having my old unit collected tomorrow. My thanks again

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                  mikec_intel said: "Our Customer support service is from Monday to Tuesday."


                  Customer support is only two days a week!? Is that really true?

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                    Hi chilinski and all,


                    By mistake I wrote Tuesday, our support is from Monday to Friday.



                    Mike C

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                      I would like to make this an official memorandum to the senior executives in charge of the Intel Compute Stick as well the Microsoft executives in charge of Windows 10.



                      I am a 22-year IT expert with 7 World's Firsts in Enterprise Technology, winner of multiple national and international awards, one of the TOP 30 emerging CEOs in tech in Canada.


                      For Intel:


                      You have marketed a piece of equipment which fundamentally is an excellent concept yet a completely failed delivery.


                      Not only is the device slow for most applications, it is a CRITICAL failure completely unable to operate properly and an absolute failure in terms of compatibility with Windows 10.

                      As you have already indicated here, not only your staff claimed a warranty obliteration when upgrading to Windows 10 from 8.1 (a publicly-released matter now corrected...) but you also let your customers without a working device AS SOON AS anyone opens a browser and is asked to upgrade to Windows 10.


                      After reviewing dozens of messages on your board and spending 48 hours on this issue, I have come to the conclusion that it is impossible to actually upgrade this brand new device to Windows 10 successfully AND to also reboot and re-launch a recovery to Windows 8.1 as the installation of the new OS destroyed that capability.


                      How in the World can Intel release such a thing ?  And how in the World can Microsoft ignore (once again) a crucial component of upgrading on such a device and obliterating the Windows 8.1 files which should be protected in the first place.


                      I have at my disposal an extremely large number of components, various devices, etc... I owned an extremely large datacenter and pretty much have everything one could dream of in terms of IT hardware at the enterprise-class level.  NONE of these gears worked.  NONE of the newest absolute latest keyboards or mice for instance (as well as older ones) could stay active in Windows 10 for more than 30 seconds once you would spent 12 hours trying to upgrade and doing an incredibly large amounts of reboots to eventually get to a Windows 10.


                      I was considering this device to actually talk to Intel Ventures for a leading-edge development and I am completely speechless at this time (believe it or not) in terms of my trust in both Intel and Microsoft after seeing what both of you have been able to produce with the Compute Stick.


                      This is an absolute shame from both of your corporations and I seriously hope customers finally take notice.


                      And by the way, your barely advertised Upgrade Instructions here Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC — Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions actually do not open properly on Chrome running OSX.


                      So even on a Mac, you are not still not able to give access to proper customer service.


                      Absolutely amazing !!!


                      Last but not least.... I know personally a lot of execs at Microsoft....... but who in the World wrote and approved these idiotic lame messages in the Windows installation routine ?


                      Do you actually think that these are going to help in these endless and painfully-slow reboots and install procedures....???


                      Using Microsoft products since DOS, this is to date the worst installation I have experienced.... and I have done several hundreds of them in all of your operating systems.


                      Are you truly taking people for absolute idiots ???





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                        Hi Francois-G,


                        I regret the inconvenience with your compute stick. The links below give the steps to upgrade the operating system version securely and Windows® 10 update. I tested both links using Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.


                        Windows® 10 Upgrade Instructions


                        Windows® 10 Threshold 2 Update Guide for Intel® Compute Stick STCK1A32WFC

                        Windows® 10 Threshold 2 Update Guide for Intel® Compute Stick...


                        Mike C