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    Intel HD graphics 4600 freezing in normal usage but works fine while gaming


      I have lenovo y50-70 laptop

      with following specs

      intel i7 4710HQ

      8gb ram

      4gb nvidia gtx 860m graphics

      windows 8.1 pro

      intel hd driver version


      the problem is my laptop works fine while gaming

      but it freezes and require force shutdown when using for normal usage

      i have latest intel hd drivers as well as latest nvidia drivers

      i tried setting "DisplayOptimizations" that may be set to 0x1d setting it to 0x0 may help other settings to check are "NoFastLinkTrainingForeDP"

      it freezes after few minutes

      my question is is it a hardware problem ?

      if it is then why it works fine while gaming ?

      i searched alot on net and founf it is due to voltage dropage

      but i believe it is problem from intel drivers because i found a same thread with same problem as m having

      Intel HD 4600 drivers result in Black Screen and Freeze laptop.

      please try to help

      i need expert advice

      in the end i find ultimate solution to get new motherboard but i believe it is driver problem