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    DP55KG CPU voltage low


      I have a new DP55KG.  The Desktop Control Console reports a CPU voltage ranging from 0.89 to 1.2 volts.  This registered as low voltage.  Can I trust the DCC?  I am having video stability problems

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          I'm having the same Exact problem with my Brand New Intel DP55KG Motherboard  which has a Intel I7 860 on board.

          I occasionaly get some "timeouts" while working with this configuration.

          Check out the Screen Shot.

          I would also be "Pleased" to get an answer on this issue considering "system stability".

          Intel DP55KG voltage problem.jpg

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            I replace the motherboard and the processor.  The Intel Desktop Control Center continured to show unstable and low voltage.  Along the way I noticed that the BIOS showed stable and proper voltage.  It is my opinion that driver for sensing the voltage is not working properly.  My problem was solved when I replaced the video card and upgraded the video driver.  I have a Sapphire Vapor-X HD5750.  The replaced unit is working fine.H3YJSC

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              Thanks for this advice.


              That was something I was considering.

              I have 2 old Graphics card based on nVidia Chipset 8600 that were configured in SLI mode.

              Since these were from the old genration they did not have additional power suplly input.

              In my opinion, this factor may draws too much  electricity from the MB via Graphic cards.

              I was planning to upgrage these graphics cards. Now will be the time to do it :-)


              Thanks again for your advice.


              I'll reply here as soon as I make this upgrage and provide some feedback.




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                May I ask what PSU are you using, Prob. should be 850 watt or more ??

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                  In this Machine I'm using a Spire 650WPower Supply.


                  Here's the machine config:

                  MB      : Intel DP55KG

                  CPU     : Intel I7 860

                  RAM     : 4 X 2GB 1333 Mhz

                  HDD     : 6 X 250GB SATA2 WD (WD2502ABYS HDD/WD RE2/250GB SATA 7200rpm)

                  VGA     : 2 X GV-NX86T256H GiGabyte


                  USB     : 1 Printer, 1 WebCam, 2 X Memory Sticks, 1 X USB HDD


                  Best regards


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                    Have you actually check your line voltage with a meter , to make sure you have 12.volts or more while operating sys and both cards SLI . Your PSU sounds OK a little low for your SYS . But I have had PSUs that would seem like they were OK but were only 11.6 volts . I would get out your multimeter.

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                      Yes, I've tested it using a PSU dedicated tester I just bought.

                      I've also replace de PSU with a new one.

                      But it's seams that the core CPU uses "dynamic" voltage.

                      I think this 1 volts range is generated by the MB internally.

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                        Doess your BIOS allow you to adjust the CPU Voltage??

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                          Hello Everybody,


                          I'm happy to say there is no issue with your CPU voltage.  Both on the previous Bloomfield CPU's, and on the Lynnfield CPU's the CPU can dynamically adjust it's own voltage based on what it needs.  Old CPU's used to have a static voltage rail, that is no longer the case.  It's by design that you see the voltage drop down that low, it's how we power save when you are not stressing the CPU.


                          So why do many boards allow you to over-voltage?  Because with default settings the CPU adjusts it's voltage based on default settings and frequency and ramps the voltage up/down based on load.  When you start over-clocking, you are pushing the CPU well out of default settings so even though it will STILL be a dynamic voltage device, it's "range" is pushed up to match the increased frequency.



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                            Thanks Edwin,

                            I finally got the answer Now.


                            But, now I need to figure out from where are coming these "Timeouts" I get while working.

                            I also tought this was related to a USB overload but I'm still getting these "timeouts" without any USB devices connected.

                            I've already replace de PSU, a new MB, new CPU, new HDD. There is only the Graphic Card (see upper) and Memory that has not been replaced yet.


                            Do you know a very reliable piece of software I may use to track these memory or other isssues ?


                            Best Regards