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    If The GPU Core Could Be Exposed to The External PCIe Bus

      Hello Intel,


      Nowadays, more and more personal computers are based on APU processors, which integrate Processor Core(s), GPGPU and North Bridge together onto the same dies. But there is a problem leaving to us, if the APU processor is phased-out, people might find hard to get an old mobo to turn those old processors to run. So they are thrown away, even if the integrated GPGPU is still applicable for some limited utilising purposes. If the GPU core could be exposed to the external PCIe bus, it would have chance to connect those phased-out APU onto external bus to utilise its GPU only, or in other words, with a transformer card, those phased-out APUs could be plugged onto a special display card, making it as the central graphical processor.


      Besides processor core, GPGPU is another charming lady, which could also do general purpose computing! If there is another port, which could connect other APU onto the same system, utilising its GPGPU computing power, the system performance would be increased at a very comparably low cost! And the consumers would find the phased-out Intel products are also the charming coppermine to encourage them to purchase more and more products from Intel.