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    SR2500ALLX - Fan Noise after changing midplane (FALSASMP to FALPASMP)




      English is not my primary language, so please forgive me for my mistakes.


      I really need help with my SR2500ALLX server. Anything will be welcomed and appreciated.


      I changed the midplane from the RAID one to the SATA passive one because the RAID one cannot support HDD over 2TB, Good news, my brand new 4TB disks are fully available !

      Only problem is that the Fan went crasy.


      I read some posts online and tried all of these :


      Flashed latest BIOS : 101

      Flashed latest BMC :  68

      Flashed latest FRU and SDR : 48

      Reboot : Clear BIOS settings (F9)

      Set eveything on quiet above 300m

      Tried to clear the CMOS.

      Cleared SEL.


      Nothing will do it.


      Since it is now very noisy, I can't use it in my houe anymore, so it practically defeat the perpose of the new disks and midplane.


      Thanks for your help.