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    Windows 10 64-bit with visual corruption upon waking from sleep




      I recently purchased a Eurocom Sky MX5 laptop with a 6820HK CPU + GTX 980M discrete GPU. With the hybrid graphics option enabled in the bios (Nvidia Optimus), the Intel gpu is enabled and handling graphics in the Windows desktop. In this situation, when waking the laptop from sleep, the display is all visual noise. Something like this image: http://img13.deviantart.net/8f45/i/2009/361/b/c/mathmap_random_rgb_by_nevit.png (what I get is slightly more regular, but the general "random rgb values" theme is the same).


      When I switch to only using the discrete GPU in the bios, the issue disappears, so I'm assuming it's a Windows 10 + Intel driver issue.


      How would I go about collecting data that could be useful for debugging this problem?


      Thanks and have a nice day,