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    Integrated Graphics HD 5## for MS Surface Devices


      Issue 55 days old

      Microsoft Maps do not show correctly


      MS Surface Pro 4 i5-6300U

      using Windows 10 v 1511 build 10586.17

      with graphics driver Intel(R) HD Graphics 520 Version: [11/20/2015]


      flickering issue resolved, BUT...


      Since inception on Oct 26, 2015 --- 55 days,

      Microsoft's Windows 10 Maps App

      - based on bing.com/maps information

      - based on HERE.com information

      has graphics problems.

      (no roads are shown on the basic "Roads" view)


      Maps App.png


      For example, shown above, there are no bridges over the Potomac River?  nor Interstate Highways?


      They say they are working on a driver solution with Intel.


      Is there any anticipated date for a solution?