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    Intel 7265 adapter leads to BSOD (netwtw02.sys) in mesh wifi network


      At my office we have a mesh wifi network (e.g. multiple accespoint broadcasting the same SSID name). However when I walk around with my Dell windows tablet windows 10 crashes when it gets connected to a different accesspoint. The BSOD is in netwtw02.sys.


      Updated many times my wifi drivers, even to the latest beta drivers. Installed the PROSET software (also updated this several times to latest version) but it keeps having this problem. Also reset my tablet twice the couple of last week and even that didn't help. 


      I now put my tablet to sleep before going to another site of the office building, which works most of the time, but 1 out of 10 still leads to a crash when awake from this sleep. My tablet literally crashed 50-75 times the last couple of months. Last weekend I reset again my tablet, and today I had my first two crashes already. Unfortunate my job requires lots of meetings in different meeting places.


      Note: using certificates to connect instead of loginnames. The access points are not visible (behind the roofs), but I think they are Cisco ones. I also checked and unchecked the box 'cisco settings - enable radio measurement' in ProSet. Also played with band selection mixed  band, 2.4ghz or 5ghz band only but nothing helps either (other then on the 2.4ghz band I get a 144mbs and on 5ghz I get al 300mbs connection performing very well).


      Anybody having a solution?

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