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    chivers-instruction set



      In the early 50's before operating systems, compilers, etc.,  I worked as a computer maintenance technician in England on a National Elliott 405 computer.  All programming was done  via  the hardware facilities,  that is, by means of the "operation/function code"  and an "address".  I am 80 odd years old now, and just thru sheer inquisitiveness, I would like to find out how modern day PC's operate from a hardware and "instruction set" point of view.  Are there any books, publications, websites, etc where I can read up on this?  On the web I can find references to "instruction set"  (wikipedia. etc)  but I can't seem to find an actual real life "instruction set"  or how the hardware operates to carry out each instruction. Do you have any suggestions, please?  Could you please  email me at   r.chivers@hotmail.com   

      Kind regards (and a merry Christmas)   Ron Chivers