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    D2500HN Won't Boot


      Hi folks.


      My D2500HN board simply will not see any USB boot devices.  USB flash drive nor external DVD.  Turned stuff on in the BIOS, updated/degraded the BIOS version, still nothing.


      Any advice?



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          Has this board worked in the past? If so, what changed?

          If, on reset or power on, you press F10, what is (and isn't) included in the list of available boot devices?

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            Brand new build. 


            Nothing has been available as boot devices.  Front panel USB, motherboard USB ports.  Both DVD and Thumb Drive. 

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              Try accessing the BIOS and press F9 to set the BIOS to defaults settings and then press F10 to save any changes.


              1. 1) Format USB stick with either FAT 16 or FAT32.
              2. 2) Add a delay to the boot, you can delay to boot by accessing the BIOS and under Devices click SATA and set the hard disk pre-delay to 5 or 10, this sometimes can help with the proper load order.
              3. 3) In the BIOS you can also set the USB to boot first, under the boot menu click on boot configuration and then click boot USB devices first.


              If the problem persist I would recommend submitting a warranty request for the unit if it is still under the three years warranty, you can submit your request here:

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