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    NUC5i5MYHE disconecting Anynet+



      I just got a NUC5i5MYHE. It runs Win 10 Pro.

      It is connected to a Samsung TV and the TV is conected to a Samsung Home Cinema. Both working with Anynet+ without a problem on only one remote controll.

      My problem begins when i connect the NUC to the TV via the miniDP-HDMI cable, it instantly disables Anynet+ on the TV and the sound plays both on the TV and home cinema, creating an eccho and requiring both remote controlls. The problem still exists also if the NUC is shut down.

      If i disconect the NUC and plug the miniDP cable from it to my laptop, it works fine, playing the sound only on the Home Cinema and only one remote controll. So that would be a NUC problem.

      Do any of you guys have a sollution to keep Anynet+ working with NUC?


      Thank You.