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    DG45ID: BIOS 121 and Windows 7 bug


      I just upgraded from BIOS 0111 to 0121.  However 0121 (which updates the VBIOS ) seems to be incompatible with Windows 7 x64 and Windows 7 x64  setup.  The setup DVD boots to a black screen with only the mouse cursor  showing.  Same result when booting into an already installed Windows 7.  Downgraded back to  firmware 0111 and the problem went away.

      Using a Dell 2209WA monitor over DVI.

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          I Confirm


          Bios 0121 released on 12/24/2009 is bugged , Windows Seven x64 start very very slow, about 10 minutes for to arrive on logon screen. Downgrade is possible ONLY with F7 or boot cd.


          Intel Staff please delete bios on download center .


          Thanks for support.

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            DG45FC Bios 121 windows 7 it takes 20 minutes to boot.

            Windows it is almost unsusable every operation it slow as mollases.

            Removing the memory stick from slot 1 it makes the system work with NO problem.

            It is NOT a problem of the memory stick beacause as I have used different memory stick on slot and the system is Slowwww.

            Please fix the problem of the Bios 121.

            Thank |You

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              I confirm having the same problem.


              I am running Win 7_x64, booting on EFI. Is the bug perhaps EFI related? Do you guys boot EFI?


              Tested booting my old Vista_32 and it didn't suffer from the horrible lag.


              Downgrading to 113 (F7 Update) fixed the problem.