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    NUC model D54250WYKH, Windows 10/64 Pro, Wireless-AC 7260, Bluetooth cannot discover devices


      Newly-assembled NUC with the latest Win10/64 and the 7260 wireless card. Windows is fully updated, all drivers have been carefully manually updated one at a time to the latest (because the Intel driver update utility is broken and does not install drivers nor recognize when they are current), and the BIOS is flashed to the latest version as of today, 18 December 2015. Wireless 18.21.0 both driver executable and then software executable installed, in that order.


      Wi fi works fine. System windows show BT is active and claim everything is working. The NUC can not discover any BT devices, nor is it, itself, discoverable. I can see the devices I tried on two different Macs as well as an iPad so they are definitely discoverable. Devices tried: Apple wireless bluetooth keyboard, Apple Magic Mouse, and the aforementioned iPad in wi fi hotspot mode. Again, each device is easily discovered by both Macs but the NUC apparently cannot see anything.


      I have googled and read countless forum posts about trying to pair the Apple keyboard, and none of those suggestions help, yet this keyboard is simply a standard BT keyboard and others with other PC models pair them with no issue. From what I can tell the NUC with that card is simply blind to BT devices.


      Any ideas or suggestions that I haven't already exhausted? Rather frustrated after burning most of a day on this with zero results.


      Many thanks in advance!