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    Replacement for P7350 ?


      I want to change the CPU of my laptop. By now the CPU is a P7350, 2GHz (without virtualisation), I would like to replace it by a CPU with virtualisation. Any recommendation ?

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          Hello Roeland,


          Please refer to this page to check the information about Intel Core 2 Duo P7350 processor, where it says it has two types of sockets,  BGA479 and PGA478. So you'd better first make sure which kind of socket your processor sits. All the Intel Core 2 Duo P-series processors which mode number is above P7450 (but not include) are VT-x enabled, and might possibly be supported on your notebook computer. If your processor sits on PGA478 (Socket P), the safest processor is P7570, the most possible processor is P8600, the most ideal processor is P9600. But the latter two might not work on your computer! If your processor sits on BGA479, unfortunately, it is almost impossible to be replaced! You might use software, such as HWINFO32/64 to check that information.


          Most BIOS support VT-x feature if VT-x enabled processor is working on, but most is not every, so I do not make any guarantee.


          Last but not least, to replace components of notebook computer is not that easy as you do with your desktop computer. So everything is AT YOUR OWN RISK!


          Best Regards,


          Aaron Janagewen