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    Xeon E5-2640 compatible with DX79SR board?


      Pretty much as the title says. Will the Intel Xeon E5-2640 work with the Intel Extreme DX79SR board?

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          I'm aware it's not on the list. But does anyone have any technical knowledge or personal experience for why it would or wouldn't work?

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            I did an Ark comparison of this processor with other processors that are on the compatibility list. There is nothing obvious that would preclude it from working. It is from a family of processors that is supported, so microcode coverage (as an example) shouldn't be an issue. Still, in the general scheme of things, this (MHO) means very little...


            The Compatible Processors list contains the names of the processors that have been formally tested for compatibility with the DX79SI, DX79TO and DX79SR boards. The fact that a particular processor is not on this list does not absolutely mean that the processor is not compatible with the boards. It could mean that the processor simply wasn't available at the time that the testing was done. At the same time, it could mean that the processor either won't work or works but has issues.


            If there is anyone out there who has tried this processor with one of these boards, please chime in and let #Skeletonbane know...


            If you do purchase a processor that is not on the compatibility list and problems do arise, you are on your own. I suggest that you either wait for word from someone who has tried it or find a way to test it without committing to purchase...


            Hope this helps,


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              Thank you. Hopefully I can find some clear evidence either way, but for the most part my results are that there are no results. Nobody seems to have tried this and posted the results on the internet.

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                I talked to the TME who was last responsible for this board while the boards development team was still in existence. Unfortunately, in his new role, he doesn't have access to this processor to do any testing like this (no surprise, the team was disbanded almost two full years ago). He did do a comparison of the features across the processors in the Xeon E5-2600 family and (like me) didn't see anything that would preclude the E5-2640 from working.


                If you are going to proceed, purchase the processor from someplace that you can return it to if it doesn't work...