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    5i5RYK No Video at All


      THis just came in the mail a couple days ago, and I cannot get any video to work. Not even the BIOS set up screen.


      Needless to say, I have no OS on it yet.


      I Installed 16 GB ram, and a 500 GB SSD.


      it powers up, I see a blue light on the power button, no blinking, and I can hear the fan.


      I Have tried a micro hdmi to hdmi cable directly into inputs on two separate TVs, (two cables, just to be sure), the hdmi cable into a dvi adapter to my computer monitor, an mdp to dvi adapter to the same monitor, and nothing.


      I Must have spent $100 on cables to find out nothing works.


      is there anything else I can try before sending it back?

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          I had the problem with no video twice now (on start up). I dont know why but i just have to restart nuc (same model). Try tu unplug from power source and try again.

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            Hi Toolerable,


            What memory do you have installed?  When you power the unit on, what does the power button light do?  There should be a repeating sequence of on/off.



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              g. skill Ripjawss low voltage. I figured if it was memory, at least an error message would come up. Just no signal. When I turn it on, a red light comes on followed quickly by blue. No blinking.

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                If it's incompatible or bad memory, you won't get anything other than a blinking power button. What model is the memory?  If it's low voltage it should work, but it's always best to check. Do you have any other memory you can try?  Do you have one or two sticks? If two, have you tried with just one installed?

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                  i haven't tried just one stick. I can try tomorrow, but nothing is blinking.

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                    If you're not even getting a light on the power button, I'd think you've got a bad power supply.

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                      ppower supply must be good, the light is red then turns blue. I can hear the fan, and it powers the keyboard and sub DVD player I had hooked up.

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                        Try the (1) RAM stick at a time as suggested, verify they are seated properly, mine were more "finicky" than any other RAM I have ever installed... I use the mini-DVI -> HDMI input on Samsung TV. Have you tried Mini-DVI?


                        Are you using any wireless keyboards/mice? If so, try wired. Mine would not boot with Logitech Unifying receiver until BIOS was updated/OS installed. What OS are you attempting to load?


                        Is it a brand new HDD? If so, it will need to be formatted, how did you go about creating your bootable drive (assuming USB)? F2 is the visual BIOS, try hammering on it while booting. Are you using a monitor or TV as a monitor? Sometimes if the monitor is off during boot it will either auto-detect the signal and turn on or just have the right input selected when you turn it on after boot.


                        Worst case, there is a BIOS reset option by removing the yellow jumper inside the device. Try booting without the jumper. Was the device purchased from Intel or where?

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                          OK, here is wher I am:


                          i tried the one at a time thing with both ram sticks, and just to be sur, I tried them each in both slots. Nothing, it is still like the monitor is unplugged. (It's not.)

                          i have tried two mini hdmi cables directly into tv's, nothing. Same cables to a dvi adapter into my computer monitor, nothing.


                          I tried a minidisplayport to dvi adapter to the dvi cable goi to the monitor, nothing.


                          I Am trying to update the bios as per the instructions from Intel, but there is nothing going to the monitor, so I have no way to tell if this is working. I suppose I'll give it another 10-15 minutes, then I'll power it down and restart.


                          IF nothing happens then, I suppose it will have to go back to newegg.

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                            No luck.

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                              Ok, so pull out the PCI HDD, PCI is pre-boot, (i.e. pre-BIOS) and may be keeping it from getting there if it is completely new and unformatted.

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                                OK, I tried this, it didn't work, either.



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                                  Definitely sucks. I'm sorry to say it, but I think it's time for you to work on getting a replacement. I've used more NUCs than I can count and you should not be seeing this behavior.  Whatever the problem, you shouldn't be going through all this.  These kits are designed to be easy to use; you should be able to pop in some memory and see something on the screen.


                                  Sorry you've had no luck. I know it sucks to go through all that only to end up where you started.

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                                    For warranty service, I recommend contacting Intel support at: Contact Support



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