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    Windows 10 stretched still not working?!


      It's been many months since Windows 10 has been released and many other graphics cards such as: AMD, Nvidia has had some kind of a driver update to allow their users to play games in 4:3 stretched.


      Yet here I am with Intel HD 4000, still waiting for that day to come. I don't have a great PC as you can tell. (duh..) So I HAVE to play in 4:3. But the thing that annoys me the most is that I have to play with black bars. For months I have been playing like this and once in a while checking if there is a fix for it. But as always no luck, so here I am asking you guys, is there any fix for this? If so please tell me! I really am sick of how long I have to wait for Intel to update the driver to allow me to do that.



      - Robert J

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