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    For Windows 10, do I need to download Intel Drivers for my NUC5i5RYH?


      Just installed Windows 10 on a NUC5i5RYH from a USB stick.  I noticed with the screen flickering once or twice, Windows was downloading drivers in the background, and after a moment the Intel logo for the graphics driver appeared in the tray all by itself. 


      Sound is working ok, my screen is at native resolution, Bluetooth and wireless networking seem to be working fine.


      I checked with Windows' Device Manager (easiest way to find it is right-click "This PC" and choose properties, then click the link on the left), and noticed there are no yellow flags indicating a missing driver.


      Is there any reason, or advantage, to go to Intel's site and download drivers manually? 

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          Intel regularly delivers updates to Microsoft and these updates, by default, get automatically installed via Windows Update. I have seen situations, however, where the wrong driver or a buggy (at least for my particular hardware) driver version ends up getting identified as necessary and installed. Being a former (retired) Intel employee, I retain my paranoia. As a result, I disable driver updating via Windows Update and manually install the latest validated drivers for my platform. Yes, this requires checking what's available every once in a while but at least everything remains a known quantity.




          P.S. Almost always, the BIOS that ships on a board is out of date. It is thus highly recommended (well, by me anyway) that, first thing, systems to be updated with the latest BIOS (providing the latest bug/compatibility/security fixes/updates)...