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    Driver keeps reverting back to old version



      I have a Intel HD 4600 graphics driver. Ever since I updated to Windows 10 it has been giving me a lot of issues. It all started when I was playing World of Warcraft and my game kept freezing and an error message would say that the graphics driver has stopped working. I downloaded the update utility and updated my driver. Seemed to be working fine.

      Except its not. It keeps reverting back to instead of the new one I keep downloading, installing and restarting my computer. But when i check to see if its up to date its back to the original version. I don't know if its Windows causing it, it keeps downing an Intel update as well, right after I try and update it myself. I'm not sure how to stop it, doesn't appear to have a option to not download it, just does it.

      It is very very frustrating. The whole computer is only a few months old, so it is not an issue of out of date products. Help please