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    IRST push email notification setup to multiple machines


      I have multiple machines that don't have email notifications setup. I would like to push that out through group policy somehow if possible. the problem is, i can't seem to find where Intel stores this information. I can't seem to find the settings in the registry or a config file. Does anyone know where Intel saves the preference settings?


      this way if a drive fails i get an email. we all know that the user just ignores any message that pops up.



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          Hello coreyg13:


          Thank you for contacting the Intel Communities.


          I would like to advise you that some requirements are present in order to use this feature.


          1. The OS has to be server based.

          2. The feature is available for Intel® Rapid Storage Technology enterprise.

          3. No authentication in the email server should be present.

          4. This would work for internal email servers only.


          In order to get this working those would be the requirements.



          Esteban C