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    Intel HD graphics 2500 DVI to diplayport


      My PC has intel core i3 CPu and Intel HD graphics 2500 video adapter. According to specs, it supports 2560X1440 resolution via display port, so does my ASUS PB278. However, my motherboard doesn't have a display port, it comes with two DVi outputs. Can I use some knd of active DVI  to displayport active adapter to get full 2560X1440, or I need to get an external graphics card.

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          Hello Yun_LU,


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          In this case we recommend using straight connection to have the resolution you wish, you can try the adapter but we cannot guarantee that it will work or not, when you connect your monitor/TV there are possibilities that you will get interference and you will not get the resolution you wish or no display at all.


          I’m sorry that this is not what you want to hear, but from my experience and for what I have seen with other customers, adapters will not be the best to get good resolution.