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    How to check warranty status


      I sent my compute stick in for warranty replacement. I got an email from Intel saying I could check my warranty status by going to a specific website https://servicerequestmgmt.intel.com/webticketui/emailpage.aspx?ordernumber=XXXXXXXX&pagetype=rma where XXXXXXX is the service order number. However, it merely takes me to the New Support Request page and I see no way of checking the status there.


      Is this the intended behavior?

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          Please contact Intel support via chat to get an update for your RMA: http://intelsupportchat.force.com/icslivechat/ics_tech_desktop_ww_english_Chat



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            Chat is never available for the Intel Compute Stick. I don't think it really exists. There's a link for chat when you click on the ICS in the support screen, but it's yet to be operational on at least a dozen times when I've tried it.   I called and waited on hold for 45 minutes to get an update.


            When Intel sent out the email about the service ticket last week, they included the link I could go to to check the status. That doesn't work any more. The normal Intel support site has a link to go to to check warranty status. That doesn't work either.

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              There four ways to contact Intel support,


              Chat: Contact Support


              Phone Number: 1-916-377-7000


              Business Hours:

              Monday - Friday

              7:00 AM to 5:00 PM (Pacific Time)


              Web ticketing: https://customercare.intel.com/?lang=en-US


              Communities: Intel Compute Stick


              I recommend contacting through phone during working hours.



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                You are wrong again.


                Chat--Try it yourself. Click on your chat link. Then select North America. Then select Intel Compute Stick. Then click on Live Chat. Tell me that you get something other than Chat Unavailable. It's been "Unavailable" for at least the last two weeks.


                Tracking--Click the link. You can't check your ticket status online. All you can do is open a new ticket.


                So there are only TWO options. One is to post something here and if you were to post a question asking for a ticket update, I'm surmising that you'll get a response back just like your last one that tells you there are "4" ways to get that information. The second is to call. Which is the ONLY way to get it to work. I spent a ton of time sitting on hold for someone to answer a question that took less than a minute.

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                  I hope you got an update through the phone.


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                    I got my new stick and it came with build 10240. I first updated the bios to the latest level and installed all of the updates. At this point, there was about 27 gb of space available on the stick. I decided I would wait before installing any software. I went to the Updates window and asked it to see if there were any available updates. It found a Windows Defender definition update and the 10587 update. Assuming the 10587 problem had been fixed before I was shipped the replacement stick, I told it to do the update immediately. At some point during the process, it failed, rebooted, uninstalled some components and finally rebooted back into 10240. Afterwards, the Update screen no longer shows 10587 as an available update. Twenty-four hours later, and it still doesn't find that update.


                    To be safe, I have turned off the Windows Update Service until I know that the issue has been resolved. So far, Intel has given me little reason to trust that it knows what's happening and has done anything to fix the issue. Obviously, it happened again to me on a "clean" system but I was fortunate this time not to have the entire stick blown out as it was on the original stick that had to be returned under warranty.