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    How to save sketch using Elipse IDE and IOT-devkit image?


      I am using Elipse IDE and IoT-devkit image(write to my 8GB sdcard) as development environment.I could write images and read them from sdcard.But when I tried to save sketch and reload it every time i power off or reboot it is not working.When i use Arduino IDE, its ok to save sketch every time i reboot the board but when i use Eclipse IDE it can't.I spent four days to find solution but have no luck.Specifically, i tried:

      -Making a bootable micro SD Card with Windows* | Intel® Developer Zone :in this guide, they said:"If you have already begun uploading and running code on your board, you can check whether your board is booting the correct image by uploading the Blink example code to the board and rebooting it. The board will take a minute or two to boot up. If the LED on the board resumes blinking after it boots up, then the board is correctly booting from the card.".

      -Eclipse C++ Saving Programs to the Edison and running them permanently :in this guide i tried to do the same with Galileo board but nothing happened.


      So do intel developers support saving sketch after reboot or power off with IOT IMAGE?Anyone have solution for this problem?