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    unable to connect to a provisioned client


      Intel amt provisioning is successfull but i am not able to connect to the client using either oob console or directly by webui. i was using this machine for testing and was using a trial vertificate where i was able ti provision it and connect to it.. later i brought a certificate from verisign and deleted the sata from sccm console (OOB) and manually unprovisioned the client also. provisioned it again and i am not able to connect to the machine at all. logs show provisioning process successfull. when using OOB it tries to connect and then disconnects.


      when using the https://fqdn:port it displays the login page but does not login at all.


      why was i able to connect using a private certificate and now that i have a public certificate it is not connecting. i unprovisioned it as per the documents.