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    Stream desktop screen using Intel media SDK with intel atom E3825




      I am trying to stream(h264) desktop using Intel media sdk.


      The platform details are as below.

      Intel atom E3825

      Windows 7

      Media SDK 2016.


      By using sample codes provided with SDK and screen capture plugin, I am able to stream h264 elementary stream using an i7 laptop.

      The stream is over UDP. While receiving, data is copied to a ring buffer and the sample decoder program tries to render the h264 bitstream.

      But the decoder crashes after 2/3 seconds.


      1- What is the proper way of streaming desktop screen using intel SDK ? The requirement is h264 stream over udp.

      2-Again I am not able to install intel SDk on atom E3825. It says unsupported CPU.

      3-Is there any benefit of using media SDK on atom ? or should i use IPP ?